Tutorial on How Synthetic Slings are Manufactured, Criteria for Removal, and Sling Break Testing

Stren-Flex, a division of Ace Industries Inc, manufactures slings using only the highest quality AMERICAN-MADE webbing and high tensile thread available. Many years of testing and experience go into each sling we manufacture. All Stren-Flex webbing include red safety core yarns woven into the material that serve as a warning of excessive wear or possible damage to the web. All Stren-Flex slings are manufactured to meet or exceed current OSHA and A.N.S.I. standards.Synthetic Web Slings are the most common lifting slings in use today. They offer good strength and value characteristics for loads up to 8,000 lbs. Stren-Flex manufactures all of the domestic synthetic and polyester lifting slings sold by Ace Industries Inc
Our team at Stren-Flex has taken the time to put together a great tutorial and training video explaining how synthetic slings are made, different applications of synthetic slings, how to properly inspect a sling, and how to break test a sling. Please take the time to check out the video and our vast selection of Nylon WebSlings, Polyester Round Slings, Chain Slings, and all of your other Rigging Needs.

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