Yale and Shaw-Box Wire Rope Hoists Offer New VFD and Spark-Resistant Options

One of our largest vendors and business partners, Columbus McKinnon, has added new variable frequency drives (VFD) and spark-resistant options to its Yale Global King and Shaw-Box World Series electric wire rope hoists. These new options will provide more flexibility for customers and end users who will subject these hoists to unique and challenging environments and applications. 
These hoists, which are manufactured domestically in Wadesboro, North Carolina, will feature VFD's for monorail, top-running double girder and deck mounted wire rope hoists. The VFD will allow for greater speed adjustment, improved load control, higher duty cycles and increased hoist life.
The spark-resistant options will be offered for hoists with under-hung and top-running trolleys. The spark-resistant options will be idea for the oil and gas industry by providing additional safety and protection in environments where flammable gases and liquids are present. 
Read the full article by Industrial Lift & Hoist.
Ace Industries Inc. stocks the Shaw-Box World Series hoist, which is identical to the Yale Global King. Ace has already began offering these add-ons for customers who call in their orders and will be adding these new add-ons to our online store very soon. Please visit our online store to check out our Wire Rope Hoist Selection! Check back with us for updates on when these add-ons will be incorporated on our site or call 1-800-233-8179 to order today! 

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