CMAA Launches New Promotional Campaign Emphasizing the Benefits of Working with Member Companies

CMAA, the Crane Manufacturers Association of America, Inc., has launched a promotional campaign emphasizing the benefits or working with member companies. The campaign features two short videos detailing the benefits of working with CMAA members and CMAA’s commitment to safety.
Ace Industries Inc. is an active member of CMAA as a Crane Manufacturer and distributor of Hoists and Hoist & Crane replacement parts. Ace is also a leader in the industry of Hoist & Crane inspection and service. Ace Industries employees are dedicated to the advancement of safe practices in the crane industry. Our CEO, Josh Arwood, sits on the Engineering Committee for CMAA, which routinely reviews and updates industry standard specifications. Claude Owens sits on the service committee for CMAA where service and safety industry standards are reviewed and updated. In addition, Molly Wood sits on the CMAA Engineering Committee and is involved in the mechanical subcommittee, which reviews mechanical design standards for cranes.
The first video, embedded below, showcases the involvement of its members in the areas of standards development, best practices, and the level of expertise that exists when solving overhead material handling application challenges.

Key Take-Away from “Why CMAA” Video:
  • CMAA’s strong engineering and technical focus promote a cohesive membership actively serving the various markets in the United States.
  • CMAA showcases new and innovative solutions in Material Handling and creates educational material, engineering specifications, safety and operational guidelines and related resources.
  • CMAA is the primary provider of educational material which is essential for safe and productive overhead material handling.
  • The experience of the members of CMAA has resulted in specifications that are widely re-organized throughout the industry and proudly recognized as safe optimal designs.
  • By applying strict engineering standards and specifications, CMAA members offer versatile solutions that deliver maximum benefits to their customers.
  • CMAA members offer a wide range of products and services including overhead traveling cranes and hoists, controls and conductor bar, below the hook devices, and solutions customized to diverse industries.
  • Trust members of CMAA when evaluation suppliers for quality, reliability, and every facet of performance and support.
Check out the supplemental brochure which accompanies the video! Setting Industry Standards – Supplemental Brochure
The second video, embedded below, delves into CMAA’s commitment to Safety.

Key Take-Away from “CMAA Safety” Video:
  • CMAA is the recognized as the leading advocate for the safe application and operation of overhead traveling crane equipment and related products.
  • The diversity, quality, and experience of the membership, means specifications created by CMAA are responsible for creating safe and optimal designs.
  • This means you can rely on CMAA members like Ace Industries Inc. to promote and recommend the proper equipment and guidelines that promote safety in all aspects of the jobs.
Check out the supplemental brochure which accompanies the video! CMAA Safety– Supplemental Brochure
Ace Industries of Norcross Georgia has been an active member of CMAA for over 10 years. As an active CMAA member, choosing an Ace Industries crane comes with the confidence that you are choosing a product from a trusted source. We hope that our commitment and involvement in the development and evolution of our industry and its standards showcase our dedication to quality work and we hope you will consider us for your next material handling project.
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CMAA the Crane Manufacturers Association of America, Inc., is an independent trade association affiliated with the Material Handling Industry. CMAA is leading advocate for the safe, efficient, and reliable application of overhead traveling crane technology. The members of CMAA represent the best in American Crane manufacturing and are dedicated to conducting business professionally with integrity, honesty, and enthusiasm.
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