Certified Crane Care the Importance of Regularly Scheduled Inspections of Light Crane Systems

Light crane systems are great in many applications. However, it is important to remember that they are light crane systems by design. Light cranes in a production atmosphere will have components  which will wear, especially when your application is repetitive in motion. By scheduling frequent inspections of your crane and hoist components you can identify parts that are receiving regular wear and be pro-active in replacing them before they fail. Below I have attached some pictures that show why crane and hoist inspections are so critical!
Below is a trolley, where the load pin has stretched the opening where it is inserted through the trolley. Repetitive use and continuous load bearing have compromised the product and it should be replaced as soon as possible.
Below is the actual load pin. Here we can see that the load pin not only eroded the trolley it sat in but it also eroded itself due to the repetitive use and continuous load bearing. This product should be replaced as soon as possible.
Below you can see a trolley has been run into the trolley end stop repeatedly and damaged the trolley. The end stop bumper if installed correctly would have prevented this damage. This product needs to be taken out of commission and replaced before operations begin again.
Below you can see the trolley's load pin has been worn down due to the load rocking back and forth in this specific application. Metal to Metal friction. The pin and hook will need to be replaced too.
 Certified Crane Care is here to help you with your overhead crane and hoist safety. Our expertise includes Fall Protection training, inspections, repairs, modifications and modernization to help your company meet and exceed your operation needs. 
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