Certified Crane Care Tech Tip: Maintaining the Integrity of your Tools

Crane technicians often take for granted the fact that the tools, trucks, trailers, and lifts they use are always in good working order. But let's take a minute and think about the most important safety device or tool that we use on a daily basis. A lot of you probably are thinking a harness, which is another great topic, but I am talking about your volt meter. This tool is used on every call we make, so we rely on it very much. Taking a minute when you get to your first call of the day and checking your probes and leads for good integrity would be a good start. Then I suggest validating that the volt meter and probes work by checking a known power source. For example a receptacle that a fan, blower, or Jib crane is plugged into can give you a little assurance that your meter is functioning properly. Then you can proceed with your call and use your meter in confidence. We all have that extra minute, so take it. Be safe out there! This tool in proper working order can be the difference in being hung up on a live circuit, hanging by your harness injured, or going home safely to your family.
This tech tip was submitted by Kurt Clause, a technician from our Houma, LA Branch.
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