Fab Tech Expo 2014 Demonstrating Our Future

Building, lifting, welding, and creating marvelous machines with new technology is part of the rich culture of being an American. Technology from the era of the industrial revolution ushered in a tradition of blending ingenuity, problem solving and meeting needs into a global expectation to engineer excellent machinery. This legacy continues to drive manufacturing and contribute to the global economy. 

Attending a trade and technical high school fostered an appreciation for welding, plumbing, architecture and cabinetry trades (to name a few) attending FABTECH EXPO 2014 felt like a coming home. Learning about safety practices and being a part of the industry taking business owners to new heights kept me excited the entire day.

Sounds, sights, smells and feel of the new technology building our future made this an amazing experience. Here is a few of the things that mesmerized, impressed and sometimes just stopped me in my tracks at FABTECH EXPO 2014

This companies display covered more than four rows. Complete with a receptionist, private offices and working machinery between the expanse and detail this display blew my socks off. 

Speaking of expanse. Here are a few of the behemoth displays. 

 Behemoth displays were impressive. But I spent more time at the booths with our vendors. 

Gorbel remained busy so I hung back most of the time. They were engaged, accommodating and friendly to many of the attendees. Several of the hoists were available for demonstration.

Spanco showed the diversity of their overhead crane offerings with a new aluminum crane being introduced. We snapped a group shot before the crowd returned from lunch. 

Here are some videos from the welding area of the machines on display. 

These machines were programmed to move in seamless precision some parts even looked like a dance of sorts. Really cool to see. 

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