Honoring Our Servicemen and Women Veteran's Day 2014

Coffee percolates as the morning sun peeks through the clouds. A newspaper for the morning cup of joe replaced with the latest tablet. Fresh toast, grits and eggs wait to be eaten. Laughter slices through the air from the television. A kiss between husband and wife is exchanged. Peace and quiet fill the space around them as they remember dreams to visit their grandchildren. Long lines of 'what ifs' danced the decades old waltz between them. Outside on the porch the American flag waves at half-staff. This day every year they lower the sacred cloth in honor of the soldiers who afforded them the chance to enjoy morning coffee and breakfast, including their fallen soldier.

Veteran's Day we reflect on the sacrifice of time, energy, and life many have made to protect and defend these United States of America.  We also honor the families who've endured times without a loved one sworn to defend our country. Our eternal thanks is extended to those whose loved ones service included their ultimate sacrifice.

Ace Industries is honored to work with these and all our employees who served our country. We appreciate them for sharing memories from their time of service.  

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