Certified Crane Care Tech Tip Tuesday Announcement: Taking Safety to the Tweets

~Let's talk about WORK SAFETY
        Let's do it in our TwitterFeeds
                 Let's talk about all the ways to be safer in 2015
Let's talk about Safe.... Hashtag #WorkSafe~
Mark your calendars for January 8th we're taking workplace safety to the next dimension. 
The Twitter dimension. 

Join us for the launch of our monthly Twitter Chat. Peter Cooke, Safety Specialist with Columbus McKinnon will be our guest safety expert. In addition to traveling the world teaching proper rigging techniques, rigging gear inspection, hoist and crane inspection and maintenance, Peter is well versed in Hazard Communications. 

Our first chat is about Hazard Communications because communication is the foundation of any and all safe work environments. We'll be discussing Hazard Communications and the Hazard Communication's Checklist. OSHA regulations change and we want to start and continue the dialogue online to make sure that we're working together to keep manufacturing safe not just for the overhead crane and hoist industry but any industry regulated by OSHA. 

Join us January 8th 1:30PM EST over at TweetChat.com hashtag #WorkSafe
We'll keep the conversation going between chats using the same hashtag.  
Together we can build an expectation, desire and community of 
manufacturing, warehouse, engineering and construction workers aiming for
zero injury work environments. 

Certified Crane Care Tech Tips is taking safety to the tweets! 

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