Certified Crane Care Tech Tip Daily Inspection Checklist

Todd from our Fall Protection video has partnered with the local vocational college to intern students interested in becoming crane operators. His newest intern starts tomorrow. Gina, the supervising technician has written out the Pre-Shift aka Operational Inspection for the new intern to study and memorize before beginning operation of the equipment.  She remembers how nervous she was her first day without anything written down to guide her until her pre-shift inspection became second nature...like buckling her seat belt.

Here is the list she prepared:

  • Check to make sure the crane and hoist haven't been tagged using an out-of-order sign
  • Test to make sure the motions agree with the markings on the control. 
  • "Hug your hook." Check for damage, cracks, nicks, gouges, deformations of the throat opening, wear on saddle or load bearing point, and twist. *If a hook latch is required, check for proper operation.
  • Wire rope: Check for broken wires, broken strands, kinks, and any deformation or damage to the rope structure. 
  • Hoist Chain: Check for cracks, nicks, gouges, wear and stretch-check that the chain is in the upper and lower sprockets and in the chain guide. 
  • Reeving: Check that the wire rope is properly reeved and the rope parts are not twisted about each other. 
  • Check that the upper limit device stops the lifting motion of the hoist load block before striking any part of the hoist or crane. 
  • Oil leakage: Check for any signs of oil leakage on the crane and on the floor beneath the crane. 
  • Unusual sounds: Check for any unusual sounds from the crane or hoist mechanism while operating the crane or hoist. 
  • Warning and Safety labels: Check that the warning and other safety labels are not missing are legible. 
  • Check the area for materials and remove anything that may cause someone to slip or fall. 
  • Don't work in an area with poor lighting!
Gina placed the paper in a binder with a space to write in the intern's name. As her company's #worksafe partner we asked if she'd let us share her list with you. Todd is excited about building the future of American manufacturing and we're excited about sharing these safety tips with you. 

Certified Crane Care is here to help you with your overhead crane and hoist. Our expertise includes Fall Protection training, inspections, repairs, modifications and modernization to help your company meet and exceed your operation needs.
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