Ace Industries and Craneworks P&H Removal and Class E Crane Install

Ace industries (Nashville office) and Craneworks (Nashville office) successfully removed a P&H 40 Class E 75’ span and reinstalled a new Class E crane at Logan Aluminum Russellville Kty. plant. The challenge of the project was to install conductor bar on a recently installed runway extension, remove end-stops, move two cranes out, remove one towards building and drive one back in. Once that was complete the new crane had to be completely wired and tested on the ground and installed in one piece. This whole project took from 9/20 to 9/23 to complete working around the clock. Project was finished on time and on quote good job to all involved. Special thanks to the following technicians for their hard work.
  • Daniel Smith
  • Matt Knout
  • Bobby Elliott
  • Chris Phillips
  • Donnie Freeman
  • Phillip Payne
  • Rick Branam
  • Rob Thompson

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