Join the Great Debate: Overhead Crane Technician Hand Soap

Hand soap. ENORMOUS deal for us dirty types. Not to get off on a tangent. But my background couldn’t be any further from the world of overhead cranes and dirt and grease. That didn’t come until my early 30s, and I never needed anything more than a dollop of some Equate hand gel to wash my paws until this came about. Like all things in life, hand cleaner is as simple or complex as you want to make it. Surely a multi-billion dollar industry with humongous R&D teams. But who the heck has detailed discussions or concerns about it? You buy whatever Target has on the shelf and move on with your life. That is until you start getting 30, 40, and 50 year old dirt, grime, and oil on your arms and you can’t cut it off with a razor! There is an overhead crane technician dark web that exists in my circle. Where we scout and test soaps. And share them with our closest associates with the passion the same as most share for world hunger and peace. And I have learned that the effectiveness of hand cleaner is not anything near universal. 

Until two days ago, I swore my soul to “Mean Green.” Which is a gritty paste. Nearly toothpaste-like. It worked so well I tracked it down and ordered a 50 dollar dispenser that I mounted in my shower! And it is the only cleaner that gets my fingers and knuckles back to resembling flesh. I passed this on to a co-worker who returned it the next day describing it as “less than useless.” I was astounded and offended. Come to find out everyone has a skin profile affected by glands, PH levels, etc., and what is money for one is hot garbage for another. If you were to send a company-wide crane technician email asking for a recommendation for the best hand soap to use, you would receive a very wide, varied, opinionated selection that would rage into fiery debates. WHO KNEW?!

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